UV/DUV Raman Microscope
RAMANtouch vioLa

The newly designed optical system achieves the world’s fastest imaging with the world’s highest resolution in a wide wavelength range including deep ultraviolet, which leads Raman observation to the new age.

Laser Raman Microscope

Nanophoton’s Raman microscope has been developed to provide perfect resolution, world’s fastest, and highest quality Raman imaging.

Wafer Analyzer

Raman microscope equipped with a 300 mm wafer stage. It is possible to import coordinate data acquired by an external wafer inspection system.

Imaging Raman scope

A completely new Raman scope for observing a wide field of view. Raman images of up to 2.5 cm square can be obtained.

Tip-enhanced Raman Scattering Microscope

The spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit and enhancement effect opens up the world of nano Raman imaging that has never reached before.

Wide-band Reflection Objective lens

A Schwarzschild-type reflection objective lens filled with synthetic quartz to achieve high NA in a wide wavelength range including the deep ultraviolet region.

In-situ Raman cell
LIBcell charge

LIBcell charge is a dedicated cell for in-situ Raman measurement of the electrode surfaces of lithium ion battery.

Closed vessel

Closed vessel used for Raman analysis of lithium-ion battery samples in inert atmosphere.

Z polarizer

ZPol creates “Z-polarized” light that vibrates in the direction of the propagating light, providing a new dimension of sensitivity to measurements of crystal or molecular orientation.

Laser Speckle Reducer

SK-11 reduces speckle noise and improves your image quality. It also works as a beam homogenizer.

Compact Shading Cover

Pinch with your finger and attach it to the objective lens. Just that alone blocks 99% of the ambient light.

Custom-order system

The custom-order systems that we developed can be seen here.